All visitors to Covid-19 patients have been stopped. These eyes are the only ones you’ll see. Not your wife’s. Not your husband’s. Not your children’s. Not your pastor. Nobody.

Whether you’re only moderately ill, or near death….you will only have a nurse’s hand to hold. And these are the only eyes you will see. You will not be allowed to have a visitor. Any visitor. Can I put this any other way for you? Imagine being sick, or dying and doing it alone. Young, old, doesn’t matter.

For the love. Stay home. Nobody wants this. It’s terrible. Help us end this.

1 thought on “Stay Home…. Nobody wants to die alone

  1. Thank you for your honesty. People need to read about the impact of this virus without sugar coating and by those on the front lines. Your posts/blogs have more impact on people than anything the politicians can say. Thank you for speaking out and for all that you and your colleagues are doing for the sick and dying.

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